Clinical Technique in Pediatrics

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Clinical Technique in Pediatrics

Speaker: Jane A. Soxman, DDS, MS

Clinical Technique in PediatricsThis is a nuts and bolts course in pediatric procedures that includes silver diamine fluoride, interim therapeutic restorations, indirect pulp therapy for young permanent molars and pulp therapy for primary molars. Full coverage stainless steel and esthetic crowns for primary molars, extraction of primary dentition and local anesthesia techniques are also presented. Sharpen your clinical skills and expertise with a review of the dental literature and methods to decrease chair time and heighten confidence when treating your pediatric patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn indications and technique for non-invasive treatment
  • Learn indirect pulp therapy for management of deep caries in young permanent molars
  • Perform vital pulp therapy in primary molars with appropriate indications and medicaments and full coverage restorations for primary molars
  • Insure optimal clinical skills for administering local anesthesia for the pediatric patient
  • Improve technique for extraction of primary teeth