President Dr. Aparna Sadineni Message

" Touching Lives Forever "

President Dr. Aparna Sadineni Message

Dr. Aparna SadineniIt is an immense pleasure and privilege to be the president of Ohio Academy of General dentistry representing general dentists in Ohio and enthusiastic about working with the current executive board for advancing general dentistry and oral health through quality continuing education and advocacy.

It was all over in the blink of an eye, 10 years has passed since I joined the Academy of General Dentistry. My path to leadership all started when I  was elected to the board in 2008 as a membership chair. The comraderies and friendships developed during this  period will be lifelong.

Membership is  the core value of  Academy of General Dentistry and Membership in this academy means a commitment to lifelong learning and to preserve the privileges that we have as general dentists. We strive to provide the best oral health care to our patients. To do this, we must have the ability to improve ourselves. Here at the Ohio AGD, we offer quality continuing education for our members 3 times a year as part of our Master track and also we are excited about our first Ohio AGD Buckeye conference coming up in March 2018, we are working hard to put together the most futuristic technologies and innovative techniques happening in our profession. Things are changing constantly, and we want to be on the forefront of offering those educational opportunities to our members.

I believe that dental students are the future of our profession. We want our students to be involved in the AGD and to see what we can offer them as they progress in their careers. Those students involved with the Fellow Track programs attend  CE courses at no cost. By building this relationship with the students and providing an opportunity for them to learn outside of their dental school is greatly appreciated by them. They have an opportunity to meet Ohio AGD members and, by building these relationships, these students may become future active members or leaders of the Ohio AGD. Definitely, a win-win situation. I challenge each of you to make it a goal to recruit at least one new member to the AGD in 2017.

Finally, Academy’s overall  mission is  Advocacy. Many dedicated members and leaders  are involved at local and national levels to continue to fight for our rights as general dentists. Without these watchdogs, we cannot continue with the excellent care of our patients. We are challenged to be the most comprehensive dentists that we can be. I truly applaud their tireless energy and efforts to protect us. Be an advocate for your profession and contact your representatives in support of these legislations.

We at Ohio academy of General Dentistry are  always looking for leaders to help build our future! If you want to get involved, get in touch with your local leaders.

Please feel free to connect with us through the contact tab on the Ohio AGD website to help us serve you, our fellow members. Let us give you a helping hand.

I am truly honored to be serving you as president this year. Thank you for being a member and being the best you can be. Together, as a team, we can make 2017 an outstanding year !

Dr. Aparna Sadineni